13 logos without moving a muscle

Inspired by David’s 33 logos in 33 minutes, I grabbed my camera looking for logos. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of brands that bombarded me, I took the lazy approach and completed this post without shifting my backside away from my desk.

JBL speakers

Pentax battery charger

Apple Mac OS-X

Logitech webcam

Dell monitor

Siemens phone

Bic biro

Adobe Creative Suite

Nokia N95 mobile phone

Google mouse mat

Kensington USB hub

Texas Instruments calculator

Epson printer

And just to prove I really didn’t have to go very far to complete this post, here is my desk where all these logos can be found (although some camouflaged amongst the clutter and untidiness).

Very untidy desk

Thanks to Jane for inspiring a lot of people to have fun with brands:

Join in

What does your day look like in brands? What logos are surrounding you now? Join in and let everyone know.

8 responses

Rob Hawkes responded on with…

What a great idea! It’s crazy how brand oriented we all are, even if we don’t mean to be. Good man for having Apple in amongst your nearest brands! :D

Aaron responded on with…

Hey Rob - cheers for stopping by and commenting. You know, it’s phenomenal when you actually take a moment to stop and look around at how many brands surround you at any given moment. Glad I managed to get my bic biro into the shots above :D

inspirationbit responded on with…

see? we don’t even have to go far to see how bombarded with brands we are :) I love your shots, and those JBL speakers are very cool. Nice to see your desk too, and I really like your unusual colour combo on walls, looks very trendy. Did you pick the wall colours for your office?

Sander responded on with…

Hi Aaron, great photo’s! Good to join in the fun, thanks for listing my logo timeline session. With that kind of speakers, what music do you listen to?

David Airey responded on with…

Excellent contribution, Aaron! I also want to know your inspiration behind the colour-combo on the walls. :)

niko responded on with…

hey aaron, why don´t you extend this thread on your whole living space? looking forward to see you againk around christmas… ;)

Shahzad Khan responded on with…

damn man, thats a nice way of doing it :D thanks for linking me up btw :D

Aaron responded on with…

Vivien and David - Glad you like the decor, although I won’t take credit for it myself - it’s all my girlfriend’s doing. She’s very proud of her pink and green room (which I’m not allowed to call on office) so she’ll be pleased to hear it meets with your approval :)

Sander - To be honest with you, the JBLs are just cheap little computer speakers - you should see the setup in my music room - they ARE speakers! :D

Niko - Ha ha, or should I say ho ho ho. I can’t extend this any further - it would take me a year to catalogue every logo in my house!

Shahzad - No problem. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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