Nine social networking sites for creatives and designers

These days social networking sites are ten a penny - everyones doing it and every day a new one seems to pop up. Whilst keeping on top of and active in the ever growing list of social networks can be a daunting task, if you focus your efforts in networks related to your niche then it can be massively rewarding and fun to participate.

There is a growing list of social networking sites specifically targeted at creatives and designers. These sites can be a great starting point for learning and developing your own skills, discovering design resources, simply inspiring you and of course connecting and networking with others.

Here are nine of the most popular design and creativity social design networks.

DESIGN 21: Social Design Network

Network for the socially conscious designer. Aiming to “explore ways that design can positively impact our communities – ways that are thoughtful, informed, creative and responsible.”

DESIGN 21: Social Design Network


Design community site and inspiration tool that brings together creative people from different disciplines of the design world.



A social content network where readers can explore interesting content across dozens of communities (not just design) and connect with other like-minded people around the globe.

9rules - We Share All We Know

Graphic Design Links

A Digg-like network where users submit and vote for graphic design related articles and content.

Graphic Design Links

Graphic Design network

Graphic design focussed network built on the Ning social networking platform.

Graphic Design Social Network


Site to help all designers connect, learn, share and research work.


Design Snack

A community-based web design showcase where the members can vote, comment and choose which websites are showcased on the front page.

Design Snack - The web design showcase that you control


Community site for creative professionals with a strong emphasis on portfolios and job openings.

Coroflot - Portfolios and jobs for creative work


A unique social platform and source of inspiration for talented creatives.

Computerlove - Connecting creative talents

What social networking sites do you use?

Have you experienced any of the above social networking sites? Are there any sites and online communities that you can add to the list above? Let me know in the comments below.

8 responses

Toon responded on with…

Thanks for the mention Aaron

Aaron responded on with…

No problem Toon. Thank you for being the ‘official’ first commenter on my new blog. :)

Jacob Cass responded on with…

I use design forums such as HOW for quite a bit for feedback :)

Aaron responded on with…

Jacob - I thought of including HOW but I decided it’s not really a social network in the true sense. It’s certainly a great resource though.

Andrew responded on with…

Don’t forget about Design Float :)

Aaron responded on with…

Andrew - Thanks for the addition. Must admit I’d not come across Design Float before now, but it’s a worthy Digg-a-like addition.

vijay karthik.v responded on with…

I would have loved to see, two of my fav art communities here; is undoubtedly the best online art community, \m/ I have found some of the biggest names in digital design, advertising and motion graphics as dedicated members who take time out to help noobs like me, its awesome web resource for showcasing work too,

do check them and if you feel like include in the list :)

Thanks, v.

NIFT responded on with…

Thanks for the list, You can also add (Valid PR 4) social networking site that share & deliver News & enable user to publish & share their articles with other users.

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